Deep Active Learning Implementation

Abdulkader Helwan
3 min readFeb 29, 2024
Deep Active Learning. Source

What is Active Learning

Active learning (AL): This approach focuses on strategically selecting data points for labeling instead of using the entire dataset. The goal is to maximize the learning gain of a model while using as few labeled data points as possible, which can be crucial when labeling data is expensive or time-consuming.

Deep active learning (DAL) bridges the gap by combining the efficiency of active learning with the power of deep learning. It allows deep learning models to achieve good performance with less data by intelligently selecting the most informative data points for labeling.

How Does DAL Works:

  1. The model starts with a small amount of labeled data.
  2. The model identifies the most informative data points using various strategies (e.g., uncertainty sampling, margin sampling).
  3. These informative data points are then labeled by humans or other sources.
  4. The model is retrained with the newly labeled data, improving its performance.
  5. This iterative process continues until the desired level of performance is achieved.

DAL offers several benefits:

  • Reduced data labeling costs: By requiring fewer labeled data points, DAL…